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Safe Sanctuary

Bethel United Methodist Church affirms that all children, youth and vulnerable adults have the right to safe sanctuary. Therefore, we are committed to providing a safe and secure environment where our babies, children, and youth can learn, live, grow, and be strengthened

in Christian faith. The provision of safe sanctuary applies to all staff and volunteers, clergy or lay, who have direct or indirect contact with children or youth in conference and/or district sponsored events.

If you:

1. Are a volunteer and/or paid staff connected with any church-related baby (nursery), children, and/or youth ministries, programs, Sunday school, or other events (like retreats and mission trips) at the church or off-site;



2. HAVE NOT attend a safe-sanctuary training in the  year, you mus t review this on-line safe-sanctuary presentation, complete the questionnaire.  If you have difficulty accessing the information and/or completing the questionnaire, please email the office at betheloffice  or call us at 724.339.2420 .

You can download the questionnaire here
You can download the full policy doc here

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