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Gift Card Fundraising

Did you know that Bethel UMC sells both Giant Eagle and Community Gift Cards? It is an ongoing project at Bethel! We purchase them from both companies at a 5% discount and sell them at full price - so if we purchase $5,000 worth of cards and sell them all, we make a $250 profit.

What does that mean to you? If you purchase gift cards from us to purchase your groceries (or gas at Get Go), you help us raise money without costing you anything extra.

With Christmas coming up, we will have someone selling these cards in the hall after church. If you are purchasing food for your Christmas dinner, or need a quick Christmas gift —why not purchase a card or two!

Cards are available in the following denominations:

Giant Eagle—$25, $50 or $100

Community—$25 and $50

All profits go towards maintaining Bethel UMC.


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