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March Into Camp

Through out the month of March we will be collecting for summer camp scholarships. This March into Camp program is essential to supporting our children and families as they go to summer camps this year. Each week you will hear from campers and their families that have attended these camps and how they have enjoyed, grown, and learned through out their week.

Last year, Bethel helped to send more than 20 different people to camp, individuals and families alike. Many are unable to attend these camps without your help. We invite you to be a part of this great, and possibly, life changing experiences. We are asking for donations that will be used to support scholarships to help even more attend one of our local camps.

If you would like to donate to help with these scholarships, please designate your giving to campership and we will ensure that your dollars will go to good use.

If you will be attending camp this year and would like to receive one of these scholarships, please let the office know by April 2. (Palm Sunday!) If you would like more information about the camps in our area, please check out the links below. There is a camp for everyone!

Visit our camp websites for more information.

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