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Hometown Nazareth VBS!

Each day the crew members can become part of history as they see, hear, touch, and even taste what it was like to live in     Jesus’ hometown! You’ll explore authentic Marketplace shops, visit Jesus’ mom, Mary, take part in games, and dance to lively Bible songs, as you discover more about Jesus’  childhood. These experiences make God’s word come alive with new meaning for all who participate!

The dates are July 8—12 from 9:00 to 12:15p.m. We are in need of Crew Leaders, who just direct a crew of about 10   children to each station. In the Marketplace, the crews will choose to visit up to 4 shops to complete a small craft each day. We need helpers at each shop to assist about 5 children at a time. The more hands we have, the easier it will be to complete the craft. You need to be available for four 20-minute time slots. You can even choose which craft you would be comfortable with on which day.

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